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Who we are

Scensei is a leading analytics and decision support boutique.

Our clients in private industry, government and the non-profit-sector face complex challenges in difficult environments with scarce data. They come to us for insights that lead to effective decisions. We develop simulations, run experiments, elicit information and build analytical platforms to enhance our clients' performance, offering them consulting and support on-the-go.

Our experiences

Most of our experiences have been in humanitarian aid and international development; technology and policy consulting; and defense and security.

Our spinoffs

WHOLE stands for the Whole of Life Enterprise. It is a database that fuses people's offline and online lives into a complete whole. WHOLE not only stores an individual's demographics and socioeconomic indicators, but also contains traces of his or her online life. WHOLE contains records for the population of a country. Read more...

trovero is a discovery, mapping and micro targeting tool for the social media. trovero identifies the willingness of relevant individuals and organizations to change their behaviors and opinions in response to messages they receive and to relay the messages further. It visualizes how potential audiences connect to each other and designs micro targeted campaigns on social media platforms. Read more... is a software suite for eliciting people’s truthful beliefs and opinions on other people and sensitive topics. It is suitable both for social media surveys and small group questioning. Read more...