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Unique Capabilities

Scensei is an analytics and decision support boutique. We regularly collect, process, analyze, and visualize data, and are at the forefront of building computational models and simulations to help our clients gain insights into their operating environment and make effective decisions.

Data Analytics


Primary collection

Surveys and interviews
Information elicitation through experiments and games
Remote monitoring and evaluation


Remote sensing and infrastructure data
Demographic censuses and surveys
Social network data
Behavioral and event data
Open-source narratives


Concept mapping and visualization
Crisis mapping; common operating picture visualization

Decision Support


Online and Offline Analysis


Network Analysis

Acquaintance, customer and organizational networks
Informal power structures
Dynamic spatial networks

Modeling and simulation

Models mimicking human reaction and anticipation
Impact analysis and baselining
Course of action analysis and red teaming
Counterfactual analysis and forecasting
Participatory and stakeholder integrating modeling




Content analysis and concept mapping
Social network analysis
Participatory modeling and simulation
Multiagent modeling and simulation
Data processing and management

Recent Challenges

We work in the security, aid and development and business consulting sectors, where we have an extensive track record in especially sensitive domains.


WHOLE stands for the Whole of Life Enterprise. It is a database that fuses people's offline and online lives into a complete whole. WHOLE not only stores an individual's demographics and socioeconomic indicators, but also contains traces of his or her online life. WHOLE contains records for the population of a country. Read more....